Friday, December 31, 2010


I thought I would take advantage of this last day of the year to announce two books that I will be completing early 2011.

The first to hit the press will be a book of the Scottish Ballad, “Edward,” and which follows the text as given in Thomas Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (Volume I. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1927 [as reprinted from the edition of Swan Sonneschien, 1885], p. 82-84); and which will also draw on some preliminary matter, elucidating the provenance of the text.

Set in American Uncial and printed on Rives BFK 180gsm, the book will include a drawing by the painter and master printmaker, David Rathman.

The second book, also set in American Uncial, is a story of my own making, entitled, “The Copyist.” It is quite short: 1500 words. Below is a proof of the first two paragraphs, and if you wish to read more you may download a pdf of the first two pages.

And were you to go to my post of Wednesday, June 30, 2010 you will see, put to another use, one of the galleys, already set.

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