Thursday, May 19, 2011


Recently I applied for a grant, and in the process of assembling images, I was surprised to find so many that dealt with environmental issues.

So I decided to make that the focus of the application and came up with the necessary eight, one of which is posted here, done in 1986 with the assistance of Dean Lindblad.

I think that the selection of materials reflects the ambiguity of compromise involved in the potentially controversial aspect of a piece like this.

The plastic bag hangs from an industrial-grade stainless steel meat hook, which itself depends from a .25-inch by 3-inch by twenty-four inch aluminum bar fitted into a white pine box.

The paper is a handmade from Twin Rocker, with a brushed on, slightly thinned-out Lewis Roberts Venus Red.

The typeface is foundry metal 84-point Ludwig & Mayer Aurora Bold Condensed.

That is, in the making of the piece is there not a violation of the principle of the piece?

A little food for thought, perhaps, when next you find yourself perched at the bar with a raptor-like gaze.